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Dear Caelin, Grant, and Richard,

As you know, I have commented on your wonderful power conditioning products in the past. I am fortunate to have a dedicated purpose built listening room, which includes ten dedicated lines that run in close proximity from an isolated and separately earth grounded sub panel with a very high grade electric in-wall wiring that is purpose built for optimum power delivery with low noise. All power of my power cords are your KING COBRA CX series, which I have also commented on in the past.

Recently when the TRITON power conditioners became available, I had ordered two from my dealer, without an audition. This was based simply on my experience with your past power conditioning products from the HYDRA to the V-RAY to the V-RAY VII. I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical as to any improvement, as truth tell, I was very satisfied with my two V-RAY VII conditioners. I use one conditioner for my analogue front end equipment and another for my digital equipment, as I discovered several years ago through experimentation with two of your V-RAY conditioners that isolating these on separate lines rendered an across the board improvement in sound.

While my TRITON’s were waiting to be being built, I had taken delivery on a new pair of Magico Q5 loudspeakers, which had replaced my Magico V3 loudspeakers. After a week or so of initial break in, I was shocked at the overall improvement that the new Magico’s had wrought. About a month into the loudspeaker break in period, my TRITON’s had finally arrived. I installed them and turned the system back on, not expecting to hear that much of an improvement — perhaps something along the lines of an improvement from your excellent ANACONDA CX to the KING COBRA CX. I had plans to sell one of my V-RAY VII’s and keep the other one for an auxiliary system that I enjoy in my workshop. (This auxiliary system is actually used more than my main system as it is on while I work, while my main system is for leisure time — something that I have precious little of.)

Upon listening to the system with the TRITON’s installed, my jaw nearly hit the floor! These new power conditioners were rendering an improvement to my system that was of the same magnitude as the jump from the Magico V3 to the Q5! I was in shock!!! The sound stage had widened, heretofore buried information became crystal clear, the noise floor (which I had already thought was in the basement) had dropped considerably more, the system’s dynamics and dynamic expressions of the musicians on every recording played became even more apparent, and the density of tone took on another dimension that was much closer to “live”. As the TRITON’s burned in over the next month my system’s presentation became simply more relaxed, effortless, and overall easy to listen to.

In fact, the system now sounds so good, that upon a recent visit to my sound room, my dealer had commented that it was the best sounding system that he has heard in a client’s home! He had also commented that it is a shame that more of his customers don’t bother to try Shunyatapower conditioning equipment, or power conditioning in general, as it is just not as “sexy” as a new preamp or disc player. We both know that adding Shunyata power conditioning to an existing audio system will render a bigger improvement (not difference, but real improvement) than “upgrading” that system’s components.

I was so impressed by the improvement of your new TRITON’s, that I ended up selling both of my V-RAY VII’s and ordered a TRITON to use on my workshop system! In fact I am still so impressed with your KING COBRA CX power cords, that they are used on that system as well. As I write this, I am awaiting the delivery of the TRITON for my secondary system, actually more exited than when I had ordered the TRITON’s for my main system, as I now know what is in store!!!

As a lifetime avid music lover and an audiophile with 35 years of serious listening experience, I have come to the conclusion that your power conditioning equipment is a great equalizer of the different brands of audio electronics. That is, the positive effects and improvements wrought are similar regardless of what brand of electronics they are conditioning. When Shunyata is powering “it” and conditioning “it”, the results will be clearly and demonstrably similar: Wider dynamics, greater detail retrieval, blacker silences, increased dimensionality, greater density and purity of tone, wider sound stage and more precise imaging within that sound stage. My experienced advice to those who are reading this comment — don’t change your electronics — improve the electricity that they are being fed, as without Shunyata, they are not performing anywhere near their full potential!

Listening to music, or I should say properly reproduced music, is of paramount importance to me, and probably anyone who is reading this. It is one of the true pleasures that enhances my life. Your products go a long way to increasing that pleasure and enjoyment. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for doing what you do.


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