An emotional connection to music…

Dear Caelin, Grant, and Richard,

This is a follow up comment to my previous comment that I had made about the two TRITON’s that I had installed in my main system. As I had commented, I had on order a third TRITON power conditioner for my workshop audio system.

I spend between 20 and 25 hours a week in my workshop as part of a process of earning my livelihood. This past year, I installed an audio system in my workshop consisting of basically a recent vintage Audio Research Reference tube line stage, and Audio Research CD player, and an Audio Research power amp. Speakers are Magnepans, suspended and angled from the ceiling of my work area. Power cables are Shunyata KING COBRA CX’s. I have two dedicated lines — one for the amp and one for the TRITON which powers everything else.

While my main system is for dedicated listening only, that system was put together for a “fidelity to the master tape” sound. The workshop system was put together for a “beauty of tone” sound. Listening to music on the main system is the activity in and of itself, while the secondary system is to provide some element of nourishment, stimulation, relaxation, and fun while I am working. Music is secondary to my working, but I still wanted a sound that made that music sound more accessible. This system is on all the time while I am working and as such I did not want it to be fatiguing in any way, nor did my family need excess bass traveling to other parts of our home.

Simply put, the addition of the TRITON in that secondary system increased the accessibility of the music. There is clearly a resultant denser quality of tone to the overall sound. Futher, there is an intensified the interplay of those tones, not only of total musical presentation, but of individual instrumentation as well. For example the tonal interplay of a guitar’s strings and how they resonate with the guitar’s body or a piano’s tonal interplay of hammers, strings, and sound board are now vividly more apparent. Vocalists have taken on a greater three dimensionality and focus. The sound stage is wider. There is also more information that populates that widened stage. The aggregate result is that I now find myself connecting with the music on a much more intensely emotional level similar to what I have I have regularly experienced on my main system.

The sound is now so intense that at times it is outright distracting! I find that I stop working for a moment or two and just revel in the beauty of the song being played, whether the lyric, the vocalist, or the instrumentalist. I feel the fun, joy, sadness, sorrow, longing, splendor, pulse, and whatever other emotions the performers are expressing. An emotional connection to the music is a good thing, when you get right down to it, that is what this hobby is all about! The addition of the TRITON to my workshop has tremendously enhanced how I spend 25 hours of my life every week. I listen to the secondary system for many more hours than the primary system, and as such the TRITON was not only worth every penny that I had paid for it, when put on an hourly basis will prove to be a bargain!

All my appreciation!


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