There was an unbelievable quietness…

At this point in my life, one of the greatest pleasures and passion I have is my audio system and the beauty of rich, clear and accurate sound.

After several upgrades this year I am curious as to how much better the beautiful sound could get?

I had researched power conditioners and have read and tried to understand what power conditioners are and how they could improve my audio system. As I compared products for a power conditioner I was impressed with the Shunyata Research information available. The research and technology in your products was to me very impressive, not to mention the excellent reviews, endorsements and awards over the years that finally assured me that Shunyata Research is producing a high quality product. I was skeptical but one has to hear it to believe and so with permission from my wife, I decided to add to my system a HYDRA MODEL-6 with a BLACK MAMBA high current CX power cord and I also improved the wall plug with a audiophile grade wall receptacle. As I get home and unpack the new items, I am extremely excited to hear what Shunyata is all about. I carefully arrange the cords and plug them into the HYDRA 6. I put on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon released on SACD. My jaw dropped! What I heard was beautiful sound.

There was an unbelievable quietness — no noise just clear sound. The dynamic range was greater, the sound was more colorful and smooth. The soundstage was also improved — with greater detail and more refined, I could now hear the drummer going from left to right on the kit, the instruments in behind were at lower levels were more evident. The difference was considerably noticeable and I am much happier as a result. An unexpected bonus was the picture quality I observed on our Samsung Ultra Slim 58″ Plasma HD TV. The picture was more detailed with brighter and more vivid color. The resolution was far better with the HYDRA in the system. I was so impressed with the HYDRA 6 I could not help but wonder how the HYDRA Talos would perform and so with permission from my wife to spend the kids university money — kidding — I upgraded to the HYDRA TALOS. I am extremely pleased with the addition of the Shunyata products — they really make a difference that you will notice.

As I continue in my pursuit to achieve the best possible quality music sound reproduction, I am thankful that Shunyata Research has helped me on to the right path.

My joy with the beautiful sound your products has helped me achieve has improved my outlook on life!

Winnipeg, MB

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