The truth has been revealed…

Dear fellow audiophiles,

After over a month of having the VENOM PS8, ALPHA HC 20 amp, ALPHA HC 15 amp and VENOM HC in my system, I am compelled to share some of my thoughts and observations. Without question, these components have raised my humble system to a level that I never thought possible. I will avoid the usual audiophile speak in describing my listening experience as these terms are so over used and subjective. Your cables and power components have by far had the greatest impact on my system. In a world of so much hype, your products are true and honest and allow an audio system to blossom. I now hear details like I have never heard before. I thought I knew what my system sounded like until I added Shunyata products. Up to this point I was hearing a lie, but now the truth has been revealed. In this regard I would highly recommend any Shunyata product to anyone that is serious about their audio system. Thank you for creating such wonderful products.


Darrell M. Chappelle

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