To say I am completely blown away is an understatement

I’ve now had this phenomenal Anaconda Digital cable in my system for 300 hours (as of tonight). To say I am completely blown away is an understatement.

I thought the ΞTRON® PYTHON DIGITAL XLR was the cats meow. Wrong, dead wrong! As you said to me a few weeks ago, the difference is NOT subtle. Boy were you right! Amazingly “analog” to say the least. Not only that, it sounds “right” as in musicians, vocals, etc. all being “right” as in live musicians in your room.

Images have blossomed to life sized events. Small recorded venues sound like you are in the room with the audience. At times, the naturally recorded ambience envelops you as if you were in a surround 7.1 setup. Blows my mind. To say I am just shocked is the best word, I guess.

This is truly amazing. What Caelin has wrought with this can only be described as “game changer”. Wow.

Many thanks for getting this beast out to me quickly upon completion of construction. Man, I am bowled over. Digital does not sound like digital. Even RBCD sounds gorgeously airy on material where it should be there. It is uncanny in its ability to pull out everything that’s there I thought already was with the PYTHON.

I can’t say enough superlatives other than to say, as per above, it just sounds “right”.

Anyone who thinks all digital cables are the same, sending 1’s and 0’s up the line is flat out deaf if they can’t hear this. My many thanks for Caelen’s genius.

Best Regards,

Richard B.

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