Hi Richard,

My impressions of my newly upgraded TRITON V2 as of this writing are as follows: Newly upgraded, out of the box and now early on into the burn-in process (if any): Overall, what differences I hear is a greater amount of “truth” than that of “beauty”; there may be somewhat less warmth heard now heard from the minimalist system this TRITON (for 3 years as a V1 version and now a V2 version) is in – Simaudio 600i solid state integrated amp. and CD/SACD player with Maggies (modified MG1.6qr speakers) and all cables Shunyata CX or ╬×TRON™, and with Stillpoints Ultra SS under all equipment and rack. Music now sounds more accurate – that much closer to the real thing and not so much a reproduction as with the V1 (which was so obviously better than the Talos it replaced). It is clear from even a far field listen that music (of all sorts – combo jazz, solo harp, choral, alt. rock) is more palpable; in the listening position it is very obvious.

Notes are heard as having a longer decay, and at the same time in a more airy and open 3 dimensional sense, as if some background noise has left the system, but without detracting from the actual music, and instead exposing more. Notes also stand out more in the soundstage as if emanating from a more defined place (space) now. This has given a greater height and depth to the soundstage. Even mono recordings and studio recordings have more musical information heard; I hear more separated layers of the instruments played. Dynamics are somewhat greater, although I do not listen to large massed orchestral pieces much. Sense of perspective is the same as V1 – upfront in a venue.

The change heard from V1 to V2 is such that it reminds me when I went from using all 3 power cords (to the system) – the older Shunyata Alpha Helix – to the newer (then) CX series; it is on the order of upgrading all the power cords at the same time.

In a few weeks I may have more insights as the new TRITON V2 burns in. In the meantime I am enjoying what I hear and am not feeling the need to obsess over the “newness” heard. Thanks again for helping me get the upgrade taken care of as we did.

Bob Specht

Tacoma, WA

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