Venom V16, SSF-38, Delta XC v2

Hi Richard,

I received the Venom V16, the SSF-38 feet and the Reference Delta V2 XC today.

Transcendent. That’s a word I would use. It hasn’t even remotely begun to be burned in and it’s already beyond astonishing. It’s like being shown Heaven and knowing there are far more realms within that are more wondrous than the next. All you must do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Music flows as though without restriction. Bass is laser focused and its thunderous growl no longer affects the mid bass or mid-range. The vocals become more in focus and life-like. Minute minutiae hidden within the folds of sound come creeping out as if awakened from a deep sleep. The timing of notes are precise and exact as is the attack and decay. The notes meet each other as the layers of instruments come together in a sea of sound. This is a stereo setup but music appears behind me, off to the sides of the speakers and in front of me; even if I move left or right. Astonishing that the price of admission to this world is the Shunyata Venom V16 and the Delta XC.

You can never know what you were missing in music…until you hear it. Then you wonder how you could possibly listen to the music without these details. Hats off to Shunyata.

Remember those Venom V14 Digital power cables? They’re home now. They absolutely SING through the Venom V16. My monitor was already looking fantastic. Now it’s even more stable. Colors are more solid, like someone painted on my screen. Typing right now, in Microsoft Word, the letters flow as if they are running in 60 FPS, “live” like live television. Clearly, these cables were meant to be married to this power distributor. I suppose that might be why the share the same name and numerical designator, “Venom V16.”

I am so pleased I found Shunyata Research. My music thanks you too.

Brandon McKinney

PS. Yes, by all means you can use any part of this for any literature you may produce. It’s clearly the least I could do! 🙂

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