Shunyata Research & the Power Cord Tryouts

“As I wrote in January, my next step is to replace the Venom HC power cords with ΞTRON Alpha HC power cords and see what happens, then write about it. Priced at $1250 for a 6′ length, this power cord is priced quite a bit higher than the Venom HC, so my expectations are commensurately higher. However, I don’t think I’ll write it up as a blog entry here. Instead, I’m impressed enough with what I’ve heard so far from the Venom products that I plan to write a full review of the Alpha HC on SoundStage! Hi-Fi. After that, I might even experiment more with power-related products. Suffice it to say that my curiosity is now piqued.”

~ Doug Schneider, Publisher of the SoundStage! Network

Read the full SoundStage! review HERE.

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