A tremendous difference to the sound quality


Thanks for taking the time to talk the other day. As I mentioned in my conversation, I currently own the Shunyata ZR-1 and the SIDEWINDER VTX power cable (on the Oppo) and both have made a tremendous difference to the sound quality of my system (Pioneer SVX54, Oppo BDP83se, B&W 805, JL Audio Phantom, Cardas Neutral reference interconnects and speaker wire). The key, as you had pointed out with the power cable (and I have tried out 2 other lower models from Shunyata), is the burn-in time. This has made a huge difference.

I would recommend the Shunyata line to anyone wanting a great deal. A small investment in Shunyata can bring you a enormous difference in sound quality clarity, enhanced sound stage and more true to life experience without busting the bank. In these tough economic times its great to see an American company put out quality product.


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