The stereo is transformed

Hello Grant,

My cables (ANACONDA speaker cables, COBRA XLR IC’s, 4 COBRA power cords) have been in my all Gamut system about a month. Time is very scarce these past weeks and no letup in sight but I feel I owe you a quick report after all your valuable assistance. I’ll expand on this later.

The stereo is transformed. Everyone who has heard it is as dumbstruck as I am over the improvement. All my system issues prior to purchase of the Shunyata cables gradually resolved as the cables burned in. Lack of bass, being overly bright, distortion, lack of dynamics, uneven frequency response, uninspiring timing, difficulty with speaker placement — all gone.

Acknowledging I have not heard dozens of other high end systems but have heard at least a few very high end systems, I personally have never heard a better sounding stereo when CD is the source.

My only complaint is that the cables did not fix the skip in my CD player or make my girlfriend any easier to comprehend.

Louis G.

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